Ultimate Underground Championship July 2020



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"Ultimate Underground Championship July 2020" THE FINALS: please note in the comments section - IT'S ALL OVER! These games have concluded.

About the Tournament

Showcasing 16 fighters that aim to be declared the UNDERGROUND FIGHT CHAMPION for the Summer of 2020, CHATFIGHTERS PRESENTS the 2020 UNDERGROUND FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Sixteen fighters devoted to their fight style meet and fight until one is left standing.

  1. For any of you that have fight training, this tournament is set up like a gym vs gym “smoker”. A smoker fight is where two gyms get together to put forth fight to get their people experience in the ring, the cage, the mats, and in front of people. There’s no belts (usually) and no fed credits, so there are not many rules, but there are some. First of all, I want you to fight fair. All wrestling moves are allowed, fighting moves have to stay clean. So no low blows, head shots are allowed. The opponents choose what sort of focus they want to play, Pro wrestling, Olympic wrestling, boxing, MMA, street fights. If your opponents choose different disciplines, it’s an MMA fight. You choose between Free cyber, dice match, HP match, message match - as long as you can get your match done in the time frame allowed.
  2. The match can be as erotic as the both of the fighters want. I ask you to agree before the match what is allowed. It SHOULD be fun for both.
  3. The fight goes to submission, tap or KO. Respect your opponent! If he gives and taps, respect his decision. There is no need to go further. I have the right to disqualify you if you cross the line here. This is the finals we’re heading toward, and you will probably be excited to win. You might even be encouraged by the lil devil in the corner of your mind to take liberties to ensure your win. Please keep it the best cyber you know how to perform. If someone hits you, take the hit and sell it. If you lose advantage, play it right and work to regain your advantage. You not only rob your opponent when you Superman, you also rob the readers that want to see how this turns out.
  4. The time schedule: You have 1 week to contact and set up a match with your opponent. If there is a problem in reaching your opponent, let us moderators know. The match will only be uploaded and counted as a win, if both opponents agree on the match and outcome. If there are troubles, I will be the ref to decide over the issue. A TKO win can be awarded if you paired match opponent refuses to play.

The tournament is conducted in single elimination rounds, winners advance. The winner of the final round will be rewarded as the ultimate underground fighter champion.

  • Winner of the tournament

Participants 50
This tournament is organized by ErikAtlas. Direct questions regarding the competition to him. Respect his final decisions. The site admins will not interfere unless there are Terms of Service violations. Some amount of hostility and trash talk is to be expected. Be cool and enjoy some competition!

Tournaments are under construction. Please expect changes along the way.



ErikAtlas 2020-08-15 01:33

Last night, 8/13/2020, our finalists put in a public round to determine a winner. The negotiations to finish were tense on the edge of acrimonious. They decided they would do a freestyle match, that is old style without dice or HP controls. They chose to conduct it in a public room. That text can be seen still in the #Pro room in Chatfighter's chat system. The game ended with one player leaving. Both players expressed to me privately a great disinterest in finishing and wished to be done with it.

Written below is the text of the match with my scoring to determine if there was any clear better player. I developed a scoring system that values each player move on a criterion set to measure how well each move held to various expectations of a cyber player's move. Listen below is the score for each player, an explanation of that criterion and the text of the match.

It is never my pleasure to reach into the game and choose a winner. In my opinion the better games of cyber involve one player convincing another, through his/her moves that they are the better player, and one player agreeing that he has been bested. If both players enter into the games with no intention of agreeing they ever could be bested, this fails. For whatever reason, this best-hoped end could not be achieved. My scoring is in place to discover if any one player acted in bad faith.I hope you agree with my conclusion.

  • * * * *

ErikAtlas 2020-08-15 01:34

(In reply to this)

JockBrah made 9 moves total points possible 72
scored - 39

The Mighty Rican made 8 moves - possible points 64
scored = 37

I could call a clear winner comfortably if one performance scored 10% more than the other. I could call a leaning advantage at 5% - we fall below this criterion. THIS MATCH IS A DRAW

It's very important to note that both men received very weak moves from the other, and still in the interest of keeping the game going accepted those weak moves graciously and pressed on. I also note both men are trained and have a clear understanding of fighting, and make some sexy text. If these two players found a way to do a match, I would be there with popcorn and beer and would want a text. I honor both men for putting this on in spite of hard times at home and the high pressure of a public tournament final.

In short I see no VILLAINS here and I dont see either opponent acting maliciously in an unfair manner. I also know they are both capable of turning in performances that would score in the 90% zone and have done so many times. I will ask the readers and viewers of this to refrain from holding animus against these men for this performance - i find them both good men and in other times fight for them without question.

The desire to win, the desire to have this done, and the nature of two alpha men psyched to win degraded their performance to something hard to watch. I can not declare a proud victor from this match.

It is my decision that the tournament ends here. It would be torment to put them through another round and attempt and I am not willing to call for that. This decision has prescendence in Olympic games and Fight sports in general that a draw in the finals occurs from time to time. The gold medal is left vacant in those times. I declare the Tournament has no clear victor, but no owner of shame either. So ruled. THIS IS A DRAW.
WRITTEN 8/14/2020

Judging criterion
1) stating where you are and who you are - position for your opponent to react to score 1/0
2) clearly stated move/reaction - score 1/0
3) clearly stated position after your move score 1/0
4) honoring reality - can you do what you did? If the move over full? Did you react fairly to damage probably done? Did you explain in clear terms why damage failed to land? Did you honor your opponent's agency? score 1-5
Highest possible score per move is 8
lowest is 1

Final score is made by counting total possible points/earned points for effectiveness %
advantage of 5% is sufficient for narrow close win
advantage of 10% or more is sufficient for clear cut victory
score of 40% or under is sufficient for DQ on playing in bad faith

JockBrah 2020-08-15 02:42

(In reply to this)

Hi everyone,

I humbly accept this DRAW.

ErikAtlas has acted in a fair and impartial manner this entire tournament and I commend him for all the matches he has had to intervene in.

Let’s look at this whole contentious tournament as a learning experience for us all, myself included. We all want to do our best and write our best for the audience. In the spirit of good sportsmanlike conduct, I’ll speak for myself and say I’m disappointed I couldn’t find common ground in this match.

In the end, none of you should see behind the fighters’ curtain despite the heated side conversations and agreements that invisibly guide what you all read. I take responsibly for my part and will do better in the future.

Moving forward, let’s all rededicate ourselves to being better sportsman with a renewed focus on entertainment and athleticism instead of selfish pride and winning at all costs. Nobody wins if nobody enjoys the experience.

I look forward to seeing you all in future tournaments and hope we can build bigger and better experiences here as a community.


ErikAtlas 2020-08-15 01:42

(In reply to this)

23:20 JockBrah
***Finally, he says he'll show up now***

23:20 TheMightyRican
Im here

23:20 JockBrah
Damn time

23:20 JockBrah
:::stretches his muscles::::

23:21 JockBrah
@TheMightyRican Please introduce everyone to the main event and detail the requirements you listed for our championship match that I agreed to.

23:25 TheMightyRican
Pro style match no holds barred in the ring action can be out of the ring if it goes there; use of foreign objects out of the ring. Each move will be no greater than 5 sentences and we do not write the opponents reactions to the move, No erotic attacks such as nip, cock or ball targeting, fight until 9 pm PST

23:27 JockBrah
*No foreign objects. I never agreed to you clubbing my legs with a crowbar. Lol. No Supermaning with weapons and shit.

23:27 JockBrah
*Other than that, I agree to your terms

23:27 TheMightyRican

23:27 TheMightyRican
do the opening move and lets get this over with

23:27 midwestheel
Get em Brah

23:28 JockBrah
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the main event of the tournament! JockBrah vs. TheMightyRican

23:29 JockBrah
I enter the ring. 5'11". 185lbs. Hairy street muscle body. Dark features. My pecs bouncing as I wait for the bell. (3/3)

23:30 JockBrah

23:33 JockBrah
(Your turn, I'll stick to one single message for my turns so once I post something @TheMightyRican you can just reply)

23:33 TheMightyRican
The Puerto Rican champion enters in the arena- slapping hands of my supporters and fans- high fiving others who slap my big muscle ass- 5'9" 230 pounds - slide under the rope and stomp my size 11 bare feet down and climb the turnbuckle showing off in a double bicep flex pose before hopping down and cocking my head in your direction..waiting for the bell.. yt 5/5

23:37 JockBrah
DING DING! The Bell! I adjust my speedo and begin circling around you. I roll my thick oiled traps to loosen up. THEN LOCK UP WITH YOU! yt 4/7

23:37 midwestheel
@JockBrah take him down

23:38 TheMightyRican
hold up my right hand as our fingers interlock and then my left in this early test of strength- I drive forward using the leverage of my shorter muscle, digging my heels in.. yt 4/9

23:42 JockBrah
I accept. My ego thrilled. My lats ready for the height difference as we lock in. Fuck! I wince from my opponent's meaty grip. My arms shake as I press down onto you but they slowly angle out. I can't let you turn my palms up this quickly, but my lats fatigue and arms give as I stand on my tip toes in agony! yt

23:43 irishslayer

23:43 midwestheel

23:44 sparkie
GET HIM RICAN! waves a Puerto Rico Flag

23:45 TheMightyRican
You drive back at me with surprising resistance - feel your arms shake as they try to counter mine and then spread wider as I drive into you further and twist your hands upward- forcing you to your tiptoes, pushing you towards the ropes and bending your back over the top rope.. yt

ErikAtlas 2020-08-15 01:44

(In reply to this)

23:48 JockBrah
I GASP! My pride slightly shaken. I resist this rushing bull as best I can but I'm pinned against the top rope. Our stomachs pressed against each other. Sweat already forming as I push into the ropes further to gain momentum and SLING SHOT into you to rush you back to center ring! yt

23:51 TheMightyRican
with my big paws locked with your hands- I lean into your hairy frame- our hair strewn muscle bodies grind into each other, sweat already pouring down over my huge pec mounds you use the resistance of the ropes behind you to launch me backwards breaking the grip and pushing me back to ring center. Shake my arms and crouch low and wave you towards me cautiously.. eyes on your hips. ytr

23:57 JockBrah
I shake off my fingers. Time to turn things up. My abdominals crunching from the testosterone-filled intensity from the onset of this match. I flex a double bicep for the roaring crowd to showboat then ready my stance. I answer your wave and SHOOT low left to hook the back of your meaty calf to LIFT your leg and attempt a closeline. yt

23:59 midwestheel
Come on, Jock........ take him down..............

23:59 TheMightyRican
You come at me and feint the hook on my left meaty calf then attempt a clothesline but I use my supporting leg and leap up and get a flying scissors on your head, lock my ankles tight and twist your body taking you down to the mat keeping on the head scissors. as your face is buried in my package... yt

23:59 midwestheel

23:59 Mr Hardcore
— ↑ 2020-08-13 ↑ —

00:00 sparkie
Squeeze him good Rican!

00:01 midwestheel
Upset at seeing my hero in trouble...... tempted to jump in and help........

00:01 Finn Shin
Take him down MightyRican!

00:03 sparkie
dont do that midwest

00:04 JockBrah
The ring lights blur. My airways restricting. I thrust my legs wide and pop my hips, struggling from the walls of meat that obscure my vision. I can feel some sort of muscle pressing into my face, flexing. The scent of alpha manhood. I shake the daze to confront the head scissors I'm in as I flail about. With a thrust, I roll up and out to land on my feet, the sweat between us my only saving grace. Quickly, I dive back down towards my gorilla of an opponent and slither my body behind you and attempt a rear naked chokehold. yt
1-1-0-1 = 3/32
(GOOD SELL, LANGUAGE UNCLEAR "Pop my hips"(?) opponent seems to be on his back, good escape, unclear how u get behind him in this position thwarting many counter possibilities, you are behind, standing? reclining, on your knees? finish of the move is complicated with uncertain finish- unreal move.)

ErikAtlas 2020-08-15 01:45

(In reply to this)

00:08 TheMightyRican
constrict my huge quads tight into your head but the sweat from our bodies allows you to thrust and push your way free.. then as I turn my body around you leap on top and attempt a rear sleeper hold.. I feel your arms going around my head and move my head down to my pecs to defend my neck- and turn into you so that I face you and I throw my legs up and slip them into and around your head- to bring you face down with another scissor lock! yt
1-1-0-1 = 3/27
Good sell, good reaction to his escape; position unclear. head scissor locks have numberous pollibilities for position; finish of the move is complicated with uncertain finish and unclear where your opponent is.

00:08 Mr Hardcore

00:13 midwestheel

00:14 Finn Shin
Just give up and let him fuck you, you know you want to brah 😂

00:16 JockBrah
My face BURNS red, ego bruising further. I slip my one arm through your legs to relieve the pressure. I concede that the only way out is deeper in and slip your hairy thighs deeper down the musculature of my lower back and around my waist. What appears to be full guard, I turn into a deadlift as I lock your legs and STAND in an attempt to turn you over into a BOSTON CRAB! yt
1-1-0-3=5/37 - Good description, sweaty and sexy, hot start - move packed with a lot of action without allowing for counter; clear position in finish- Yes guard can turn to crab. I might play that an one manuver on its own, stacked in the escape is somewhat unreal.

00:18 midwestheel

00:18 TheMightyRican
squeeze my legs tight like a constrictor and set my palms down and thrust my hips but you manage to slide your arm through and my legs slide down your body then you stand and attempt to pull me into a BOSTON and I keep my palms down and buck my ankles to break them loose from your hands.. yt
8/35 - gracious allowing the full move, clear move and finish

00:24 JockBrah
I stumble back. Sweat gushing off my hairy pecs. Strength may not win me this fight, but cunning will. I swoop into your midsection with everything I've got and lift your 5'9" up and into a bearhug! yt
1/38 - To execute this move, you are dragging your man up through your legs, tossing him in the air - even as deadweight allowing you to score this any opponent would have recourse - I'm not sold by this hold at all -

ErikAtlas 2020-08-15 01:46

(In reply to this)

00:28 TheMightyRican
you hoist my resistant muscle up off from the canvass and pull me into an attempted reverse bearhug (as my back was to you). I stomp my big barefeet into the canvas and slide under your left side shove one leg over the top of yours, hook my foot behind your knee cap and pull you into my ABDOMINAL STRETCH HOLD.. bending your back and putting pressure on your stretched abs.. yt
(position unclear to start, I do not see how an abdominal stretch is executable here - finish of the move is complicated with uncertain finish - I am not sold by this move at all 2/37 gets 2 points because gracious in not sending the previous hold back for clarity/redo)

00:28 midwestheel
"Come on Jock! Tonight you end Rican's delays and games! He better not pause this match for another night just because he was late!"

00:29 Finn Shin
Go MightyRican!

00:33 JockBrah
My spine convulses! Abdominals tearing as I flex them as hard as I can to keep from severing in two! As the darkness takes me, I can feel my primal alpha fighting spirit suddenly kick in! My blood boiling with rage. This ends tonight! Suddenly, my outer leg swings up free and THWACKS directly into your neck. A direct hit to the carotid artery. I roll free from the millisecond I have and release a BARRAGE of punches to your grizzly face! yt
0 - I know you're an accomplished real time fighter, you had no gut hits scored on you yet, your instructor trains u in flexability and core toughness, not convinced your guts are tearing - oversold
0- from abdominal stretch kick in the neck? I would need pics or video to believe it - have never seen it ever - although the artery target is cunning and smart, misplaced here - I am not convinced - Barrage is unclear more than one but less that 20? in your warmup in the move 1 part of the match you coulod have shown in your warm up a blurring flurry of fists shadow boxing and harkened to that here in this counter making it effective, as it stands I would not be convinced
0- roll free? does that put you on your feet? if you were having severe core damage how are you able to counter attack? mismatch from opening of move
1- barely honoring reality but all in all wildly unclear move - this is regretful, because the rage and desire to put this ordeal is communicated clearly and you come off as a good fighter in spirit

ErikAtlas 2020-08-15 01:47

(In reply to this)


00:33 midwestheel

00:33 TheMightyRican
(hows that humanly possible? do you know what an ab stretch hold is?

00:34 TheMightyRican
(both of your legs are on the canvas you cant kick my face.. its impossble! )

00:34 Karter
Sighs. “Disappointing...”

00:35 VinnyMuscleStallion
Booing the Superman tactics!!!

00:35 JockBrah
(are we really doing this debate in the match itself? We already discussed not supermaning each other. I've been trying to sell your moves and you've swatted mine away since the very beginning. This isn't a thrilling match if you just want to superman me the whole time.)

00:36 TheMightyRican
(have to pause here.. I will be free at 630 saturday night PST to continue)

00:36 JockBrah
Are you serious???

00:36 JockBrah
You were late!

00:36 TheMightyRican
(yes I said 45 minutes)

00:36 midwestheel
Here we go again

00:36 JockBrah
So why not finish this up already?

00:36 JockBrah
Does the rest of the channel not see this guy's drama and bullshit? This is why I posted his messages

00:37 JockBrah
I want to sell the match for you guys. I'm trying to show how devastating his moves are but he doesn't extend to me the same courtesy.

00:37 JockBrah
Literally none of my moves have worked on him because he wants to superman me the whole time

00:37 JockBrah
Did he leave?

00:38 Nicky

00:39 JockBrah
Regardless of me posting his messages, this is such a disappointment to everyone watching. I'm so sorry I couldn't get him to come to any agreement (including dice rules which would alleviate any egos and leave the winner to pure chance. He agreed to dice rules at first and then recently denied them.)

00:39 midwestheel
In a real match when a fighter tries to leave before the fight's over wouldn't that warrant a DQ?
[end of match text]

JockBrah 2020-08-10 19:30

PSA FOR TheMightyRican!

I’ve fought long and hard to make it this far in the tournament. All fair wins, no TKOs! It’s time to meet your maker, MightyRican! I’m going to submit you in front of everyone and bend you to my will! I’ve wrestled and fought plenty of men on this site and beyond but the championship is everything to me.

I’m calling you out here in front of everyone! I challenge you to determine the winner in real life! We live close to each other and I know I could beat you in person. I’ll submission wrestle you or even arm wrestle you wearing a mask (if COVID is a concern).

If you’re man enough to face me in person for the first ever crossover MeetFighters/CombatFighters main title match event, I look forward to your reply.

TheMightyRican 2020-08-11 00:15

(In reply to this)

Hmm how can I put this nicely...

First.. The fuck WHO THE FUCK you think you are to even talk about meeting in real life! Your profile is a bunch of fucking cartoon pictures you lunatic.

Secondly, I have no interest in any real life meeting jackass- HELLO MCFLY.. THIS IS A CYBER GROUP. Get off the hallucinogens you're on and circle back with us when the white coated guys have loosened the restraints.

Third. I will only do the match in the #pro ring room where we have live viewers invited to 'watch' the action. Each turn is limited to 5 sentences and you will NOT write my reactions to your attempted moves or holds. No erotic first to cum action- strictly pro style no holds barred, pin to win 3 count or KO rules applies in a ring,cage, pit or outdoors.

Stakes are - winner fucks loser in the ring and takes his gear as his trophy. And yes, it is a cyber fuck ok so don't go to Rite Aid or Walgreens and prep your pierced bunghole with KY.

JockBrah 2020-08-11 00:24

(In reply to this)

Did I hit a nerve, you guys?

Clearly MightyWeaklin’ isn’t man enough to take this to the real streets.

I accept your terms and will embarrass you in front of all my adoring fans so stretch those hammies little man because you’re about to get a manly platano right up your soft mofongo, papí. Xoxo

Price 2020-08-14 16:51

(In reply to this)

So is this happening or did the tournament truly just fall apart?

Azn Stud 2020-08-15 00:46

(In reply to this)

Wow is all I have to say.

ErikAtlas 2020-08-10 19:16

JockBrah defeats TheSuperboy in "Home Stretch to the Championship" !

Price 2020-08-07 21:41

Good luck to the final 3!

Impressive matches Mighty! Knew you’d be in the finals.

Jock Brah (no lame nickname) and SuperBoy! You two were the cream of the crop in our division.

Jock do us proud.

Superboy, you know I’ve been a fan since I joined. I expect great things.

To all who competed— I hope you enjoyed it.

And finally Erik Atlas, you’re not only a stud — you’re a great guy for resurrecting this tournament but running it with fairness and patience. Awesome job my friend.


PS: I’ll stop whining now Erik

ErikAtlas 2020-08-07 01:27

JockBrah defeats Price in "Every Jock has his Price" !

ErikAtlas 2020-08-06 18:48

TheSuperboy defeats Victory in "Tournament match" !

ErikAtlas 2020-08-06 18:47

this week has been marked with some turbulant decisions left for me to render. This post is written to include some information about what happened.

They wrote half a match and had to recess. In that recess, Percy mailed me saying he has too many life details going on and was unable to continue. With that resignation, Superboy advances to the Quarter finals

The 123_kid vs Drew Barrow

I was informed that these players could not come to terms on what sort of match to do, how to do it, and eventually why to do it. They both asked me to rule and send someone forward with no match. Sadly, they advanced to this match by TKO - their opponents failed to reply to any correspondence and were DQd. So there was no past matched to judge them from. I asked them to return to negotiations while SUPERBOY VS PERCY worked out to a conclusion. Their attempts failed. I will resist blaming any individual for the impasse. They made it clear they could not return to negotiation enough to even conduct a coin toss (!coin in any chat window will do it - they could not) Both sides pressured me to choose. So I here's the decision - both players suffer DQ and none of the continue - the winner of Mighty Rican vs Hairybeast proceeds. I have very few actual demands of players and one if they find a way to make a match happen. The players that do and win move forward as winners - if I were to choose a winner here in the absence of a contest, the absence caused by uncontrolled player emotions, I have no reason to believe those emotions will go away and not pollute the next rounds. To protect the integrity of this already bruised tournament, I choose to DQ both. If parties involved wish to appeal my decision, please make your case with The Ref - I will abide his decision.

in spite of all this turbulence, I am eager to see the matches between the remaining players and know we have significant talent on the board. Thank you for your attention

ErikAtlas 2020-08-06 18:46

So this week has been a set of hard decisions for this tournament. I will be handing out a few rulings today about some matches that don't seem to be working to conclusion. in the match between Superboy and Victory, I've been asked by the participants to decide who performed better. they faithfully posted the text of the match faithfully and affirm that this is the match as it occured . So this is the ruling for that match

The criterion for choosing hinges on what I hold as a core principle for cyber art. It's an art of persuasion, where one player dominates the other by convincingly depicting a set of moves that his opponent believes would defeat him/her ( or wishes would defeat him/her). So when picking a winner, I would look to see who seems more convincing. There's a number of things that count to being convincing. Spelling and verbal presentation matters. I remember telling a dude in a match I was putting him in a full nelson and he could feel my crotch against his back side. I said these words, "You feel my bug dick pressing into you."

Needless to say, that was NOT convincing or dominating. In stead, he felt like laughing and consequently laughed off the hold and the scene I was trying to make. If you do a move that's hard to describe, and do it clumsily, it will also shake the confidence of the move, but adding a picture or video clip of that difficult move will add clarity to the move that you words may fail at delivering. Good pictures sell, bad pictures sink. As an example, when you say the move "Headscissors" you have a victim that could be looking down, up, you could be looking down or up, perpendicular grip or straight - easily, the word can mean 16 different possible moves. ONE picture can change that confusion to clarity. That clarity is convincing.

So with those criterion in mind let's look at the match.

I was surprised to see the intense and sizzling sexual nature to the match. Disclosure, I am a homosexual male, and have my desires. I found the action arousing with detail on both sides that included sensual touch detail rather than just simple sight/sound description of the moves. I could feel the moves; a mark of good narrative.

I find that Superboy's match was more compelling for me for these following reasons. He made consistant descriptions of his moves and resulting positions and left the end of moves clear where all players and environmental places were. His wording didn't stumble and needed less request for clairity. Victory has some few but noticable stumbles in that consideration. Superboy chose pics that were arousing and descriptive of a person in peak fitness. Victory relied on artstic renderings that were descriptive, but failed to match Superboy's in quality.

The end of the match was marked by an exhaustion on both players and consequently some unclear moves that left the position hard to comprehend.

With these considerations in mind, I declare Superboy the winner and moving to the next round.

ErikAtlas 2020-08-06 12:39

ErikAtlas 2020-08-03 22:19

Victory defeats Taylor Yates in "Yates vs Victory" !

ErikAtlas 2020-08-03 16:19

JockBrah defeats Azn Stud in "Model Muscles" !

ErikAtlas 2020-07-30 00:21

So it's Wednesday and still no posted matches for the tournament. Official disqualification warnings going out to Bigmusclewrestler and Bigdarren - you need to reply to your opponent's requests for a match by midnight tonight EDT or be substituted. I can not stress enough that the lack of interest in this tournament is moving toward a radical restructuring.

Price 2020-07-25 21:03

Good luck to the final 16.

And a huge thank you to Erik Atlas who stepped up to truly organize this tournament. What a great guy.

ErikAtlas 2020-07-24 20:44


if yall have any questions message me


The Ref 2020-07-24 00:55

"Ultimate Underground Championship July 2020" is set to move into the finals. Erik Atlas has been selected to take over the tournament and oversee the matches to the conclusion. Look for a big announcement tomorrow!

The Ref 2020-07-22 20:58

Two days left, Submit your story until Friday!
The best and most active fighters will move to the finals.
To enter the finals, even a lost fight will count more than no fight at all.

Price 2020-07-22 23:13

(In reply to this)

Thanks for the reminder. I got my last one in today. I’m 3 and 1 in group 9.

Alesso G 2020-07-21 16:46

Alesso G went down to Big Marios

The Ref 2020-07-20 18:08

bigmusclewrestler defeats BoxingBob in "Boxing legend going down" !

The Ref 2020-07-20 18:05

The tournament is still ongoing.
Sadly the organizer terminated his account without any warning - just a dick move. Nothing more to add here.
Moving forward - I will take over the tournament.
The qualifications are going until Friday, on Friday we move to the finals.
Please address any questions regarding the tournaments to me.

Happy Fighting!

Price 2020-07-22 23:15

(In reply to this)

Wow. That sucks man.
Thanks for stepping in.

bigmusclewrestler 2020-07-20 11:20

Is the tournament still going on?? I see the organiser is deleted member

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-20 05:49

TheSuperboy defeats Roughplay1 in "Group Stage Match 1" !

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-19 19:12

JockBrah defeats hairybeast in "An Easy Win" !

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-19 19:11

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-18 09:12

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-16 18:23

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-16 18:22

Price defeats the 123 KID in "MMA match Tournament action" !

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-15 18:42

Drew Barrow defeats Naked fighter in "Tournament fight: Drew brutalizes a naked dude" !

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-13 20:50

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-13 20:50

Victory defeats Taylor Yates in "Victory vs Yates tournament match" !

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-13 20:48

BoxingBob defeats the 123 KID in "BoxingBob Meets the 123 KID in the Cage for an MMA Fight" !

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-13 20:47

bigdarren defeats Percy in "big muscle studs wrestling" !

bigmusclewrestler 2020-07-13 20:45

where do we read the results or the matches?

bigmusclewrestler 2020-07-13 20:45

How do I send a match to the tournament site??

Mister Tankie (deleted member) 2020-07-13 20:45

Price defeats The Kid in "Tournament match. Boxing" !

The Tech 2020-07-11 16:42

On request of Mister Tankie, Hardfight got added to group 6.

The Ref 2020-07-10 14:55


The tournament got moved to phase 2: qualifiers.
Sadly one member deleted his account, that's why in group 6 are only 4 participants...

After you had your fight and created a story out of it (both participants must approve the story), don't forget to attach the story to this tournament. (See the button on the top of the page.)

Only then can the tournament organizer, Mister Tankie approve your win/loss.

Best Regards,
The Ref

gkfighter (deleted member) 2020-07-10 09:49

gkfighter is applying to join!

well, I am ready for my first tournament! I will take one by one down, can't wait!!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Naked fighter 2020-07-10 05:31

Naked fighter is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

The Kid 2020-07-10 04:57

The Kid is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Michelle 2020-07-09 21:35

Michelle is applying to join!

So far I’m undefeated facing the women I met. Looking to branch out and meet more women and branch out to the males. I wrestled in HS and was taking Brazilian Juijitsu lessons before the virus.

The application has been rejected by the tournament organizer.

Ready For Anything (deleted member) 2020-07-09 10:44

Ready For Anything is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Fightercgn 2020-07-09 10:09

Fightercgn is applying to join!

I am the best street fighter :-)

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Lucky Kid 2020-07-09 10:01

Lucky Kid is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Drew Barrow (deleted member) 2020-07-09 09:10

Drew Barrow is applying to join!

I want to be a fighter!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

MaximalMira (deleted member) 2020-07-08 21:19

MaximalMira is applying to join!

Hey! I just stumbled across your tournament and would love to join and kick some ass.

The tournament organizer has not yet decided the fate of this applicant...

Tygrrr55 2020-07-08 18:49

Tygrrr55 is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

GregHeffley 2020-07-08 13:31

GregHeffley is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Alesso G 2020-07-08 12:28

Alesso G is applying to join!

Applying to underground champs! I want in - to show my worth as a fighter and crush my opponents!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

TheMightyRican 2020-07-07 18:12

TheMightyRican is applying to join!

I applied to join yesterday and I want to participate because I know I can beat anyone in this event and will dominate!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

TheMightyRican 2020-07-07 07:22

TheMightyRican is applying to join!

I am a three time title holder/champion in previous cyber fight groups

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

dominant Psychologist 2020-07-07 06:33

dominant Psychologist is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

JockBrah 2020-07-07 04:42

JockBrah is applying to join!

Name’s Jock and I’m here to find out who’s the top alpha! I don’t tap out and I fight to win. Love bear hugging a bigger guy until he begs me for mercy. You’ll all be beta jobbers after I take your manhood.

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Wrestlerchamp 2020-07-06 18:48

Wrestlerchamp is applying to join!

older tough guys ready for all

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Wrestler18 (deleted member) 2020-07-06 18:47

Wrestler18 is applying to join!

Young wrestler ready to kick ass

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

toughwrestler 2020-07-06 18:46

toughwrestler is applying to join!

hot muscled stud like to beat them all

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

bigmusclewrestler 2020-07-06 18:41

bigmusclewrestler is applying to join!

love tournaments will show my power

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

bigdarren 2020-07-06 18:33

bigdarren is applying to join!

big guy into tough wresyling matches

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Tygrrr55 2020-07-06 17:46

Tygrrr55 is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Tygrrr55 2020-07-09 02:17

(In reply to this)

How do we find out our opponent??

Azn Stud 2020-07-06 16:10

Azn Stud is applying to join!

Looking to prove myself as a fighter for the other guys.

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

the 123 KID 2020-07-06 15:54

the 123 KID is applying to join!

Want to be in the tourney. Thanks!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

hairybeast (deleted member) 2020-07-06 15:43

hairybeast is applying to join!

I would like to fight for the championship!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Cowboy JJ 2020-07-06 15:25

Cowboy JJ is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

youngwrestle1 2020-07-06 03:34

youngwrestle1 is applying to join!

I would like to join this tournament

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Taylor Yates 2020-07-06 00:48

Taylor Yates is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Melony 2020-07-05 23:26

Melony is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Alpha Crawford 2020-07-05 15:55

Alpha Crawford is applying to join!

Seems fun and I would love to get invovled.

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Roughplay1 (deleted member) 2020-07-05 15:38

Roughplay1 is applying to join!

Hey! Wanna join in

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Hairy fighter 2020-07-05 15:31

Hairy fighter is applying to join!

Grrrrrrr, i destroy my opponent ....

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Price 2020-07-05 15:01

Price is applying to join!

I’m always up for some fun.

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Aine - Star of County Down (deleted member) 2020-07-05 13:13

Aine - Star of County Down is applying to join!

Interested in dice fights.

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

COP MONSTER 2020-07-05 11:09

COP MONSTER is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

TheSuperboy 2020-07-05 09:27

TheSuperboy is applying to join!

I would love to participate in the tournament

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

BoxingBob (deleted member) 2020-07-05 00:15

BoxingBob is applying to join!

I love NHB underground fights and can do regular cyber or dice fights.

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Kim Little Devil Sue 2020-07-04 22:07

Kim Killer is applying to join!

The application has been rejected by the tournament organizer.

Kim Little Devil Sue 2020-07-04 22:06

Kim Killer is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Victory 2020-07-04 19:42

Victory is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

AlexStud (deleted member) 2020-07-04 18:36

AlexStud is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

bare knuckle 2020-07-04 15:48

bare knuckle is applying to join!

Hey, so I'm relatively new to this site but finding my feet. I'm small compared to a lot of fellas here but I'm a skilled boxer, kick boxer and have some decent wrestling skills too. I know how to use my size, speed and agility to my advantage.

I'm like Jean-Claude Van Damme - short but fast and strong... just without the drug addiction stuff! ha

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Robert Deakin 2020-07-04 14:38

Robert Deakin is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

ArneBeast (deleted member) 2020-07-04 09:34

ArneBeast is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

russe 24 2020-07-04 09:24

russe 24 is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

russe 24 2020-07-04 09:23

russe 24 is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

BareKnuxAggro 2020-07-04 09:08

BareKnuxAggro is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Big Marios 2020-07-04 02:12

Big Marios is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Huge Christopher 2020-07-04 02:09

Huge Christopher is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Scott Steiner 2020-07-04 02:09

Scott Steiner is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Shanethebeast 2020-07-04 01:42

Shanethebeast is applying to join!

Please consisdee me

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Kurtisandrewaxel 2020-07-04 01:30

Kurtisandrewaxel is applying to join!

I like to be consided

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Percy (deleted member) 2020-07-03 23:01

Percy is applying to join!

All these weaklings disgrace the tournament. I need to set this right!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

ClawMaster 2020-07-03 22:12

ClawMaster is applying to join!

I am ready to face Mighty JoeNY and Office Hunk so bring it on

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

Aigars (deleted member) 2020-07-03 21:48

Aigars is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

XenaFr 2020-07-03 21:13

XenaFr is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!

The Office Hunk 2020-07-03 21:02

The Office Hunk is applying to join!

The tournament organizer has accepted this application!