Womens Extreme Fighting Club

Private Restricted

Established: 2021-01-16

  • No holds barred
  • Female / Female
  • Two on One
  • Tag Team
A club for women involved in extreme fights that are only won by a knockout.
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Information for non-members

The Women's Extreme Fight Club holds "extreme fight" matches between women in club locations around the world. These matches are "fights to the finish" where one woman is either knocked out or begs the other woman to stop because she has had enough. Extreme fighting includes punching, kicking, headbutting, wrestling moves, catfighting moves (including slapping, biting, and hairpulling) and low blows. Fights usually, but not always, take place in a ring in front of an audience and can involve gimmicks, such as the loser being thrown into a pile of trash, or a pool of slime, or being stripped and humiliated with, for example, spanking or face sitting etc. While bloody noses, split lips, and black eyes are allowed, no broken bones, or death, or sexually explicit, outcomes are allowed.