Women's Bareknuckle Boxing Club (WBBC)

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Established: 2021-01-16

  • No holds barred
  • Boxing
  • Bareknuckle/fistfight
  • Female / Female
An all womens underground bareknuckle boxing club
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The WBBC is a modern-day (underground) Women’s Bareknuckle Boxing Club in London, where the fights use old-style bareknuckle rules. Fighters box until one is knocked down, when they have 30 seconds to get up and “come up to scratch” (scratch is a line in the middle of the ring). If the fighter doesn’t “come up to scratch” in 30 seconds, they have lost. Fights that go the distance are decided by the referee’s call. Although the bareknuckle rules were boxing rules the fighters only see them as "guidelines" and use headbutts, kicking, biting, throws, wrestling etc. to get an advantage and win a fight. The application of the rules is at the discretion of the referee and dis-qualifications are rare. The crowds watching the matches are raucous, cheering, booing, shouting advice, and insults, to the fighters and the referee.