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Established: 2021-02-04

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A Mansion that welcomes every real fighters who love to fight hard and humiliating
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Fight in public to show your power and skills. Hard match, hot humiliations.

To join us you need to be :
- a fighter who like hot, brutal, dirty matchs
- a watcher who like to bet on fights

About The Mansion

Welcome to the Mansion !

Here the rules are simple ! you fight, you win big, you lose big too !

Based on Jessy the empress idea, the mansion is here for everyone who wishes to fight in public.

Rules 1 : RESPECT
You can be straight, bi, gay, anthro, everyone is welcome and need to respect other opponents. It will be better if everyone takes part and enjoy. Trash talk during fights is welcome.

You want to fight, show that you are an alpha ! do it in the room, let the other watch. Bet on your victory, audience will do it too !

Fight realistic, fight hard, but forget superman moves. Nobody is invincible. Accept it. you can find stronger opponent ! If you lose, accept it, pay the bet... and you will perhaps win next time !

Fight possibilities :
- NHB till naked ko : you don't need explications... everything is ok... till one is stripped
- I quit match : make your opponent cry and beg for your mercy !
- Bucket match / drinker match : throw your opponent face (or body) in a bucket filled in with something he/she won't enjoy !
- trash match : throw your opponent's ko body in the trashes and let him/her there !
- white flag match : a whige flag on a pole, ended by a big dildo... place it in your opponent's ass to win !
- other kind of matches welcome ! every idea is good !

Fighters bet on their victory. Audience bet on fighters. Every bet is accepted... Spanking, sucking, slavery, fucking, ...

Make from this Mansion, the Palace where we will find every good ideas, spend horny moments, and enjoy a lot this site and possibilities !

Hope to see you at the mansion ! and see you winning !

MALE/MALE fight : Lukas
MALE/FEMALE fight : Lukas
FEMALE/FEMALE fight : Bella the panzer
COUPLE/COUPLE fight : Lukas and Katy

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14:11 Melina_Sarabanda: END
14:12 patricia: (thanks for the fight)
14:13 Melina_Sarabanda: (you are a great partner, good match!"
14:13 Melina_Sarabanda: )
14:15 patricia: good luck for the future, and correct this coward of Edordo who left without encouraging me
14:15 Melina_Sarabanda: fuck that guy
14:15 Melina_Sarabanda: it's over for him
14:15 Melina_Sarabanda: ;)
14:16 patricia: kiss
14:16 Melina_Sarabanda: mwah!
15:14 Edoardo: Well, so i have an opponent on my way to the final!
15:32 Xppilot1: Good fight Melina and Patricia.
17:43 patricia: booooo (inconsolable crying), Edoardo, you didn't support me during my fight!
17:44 Edoardo: why should i support you?
17:46 patricia: You know you have a crush on me
17:54 Edoardo: what?
16:30 Bella_the_Panzer: nice fight
16:32 Edoardo: Bella, i'll wait for you in the final
00:08 Melina_Sarabanda: I defeated Edoardo for the tournament
19:16 patricia: congratulations Melina


Bella the Panzer 2021-08-27 09:25

one more place for the tournament !! versus Lukas !

Bella the Panzer 2021-08-20 14:39

what if....
what if we think something... amazing ?
what if we cancel everything... we clear all situations... every titles... and
what if... we do one tournament in september ? with every members, so... men vs men, men vs women, women vs women...

just one champ... the champion of the mansion... ?

would you like the idea ?

2 Replies
19 wk
2021-05-30 20:24
9 Replies
19 wk
2021-05-30 20:23
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