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FBF Is the Federation for all the females who like boxing
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interfederations tournament

Interfederations tournament, : champion: Jenny Prize, vice champion: Karina Fighter ; a second bigger tournament will be scheduled later, thanks to all the girls who participated

video boxing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-2sWy7kQQs Mariana Juárez vs Yuliahn Luna
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K8nRApOhXQ Zulina MUÑOZ vs Marisa PORTILLO - WBC - Full Fight - Pelea Completa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0erxWLdTDcU ÚLTIMO ROUND: ACUÑA VS MARCOS
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emcULjiL7Vg Mariana Juárez vs Yuliahn Luna
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG3oX9ZATLw Ring Girls Violently Beat Each Other
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpbBc-tWPZI&t=4s Marcela Acuña vs. Laura Griffa (
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0erxWLdTDcU ÚLTIMO ROUND: ACUÑA VS MARCOS [IMAGE:https://www.chatfighters.com/Content/Attachments/MG/MGK3hefv5OtUljMDv1FXtNJdMlU.jpeg/boxe1.jpeg]

how to create a room and open a federation's chat, create a storie, , add an info on his avatar, c

1 click on the 3 lines, 2 click on room, 3 click on the chosen chat
1 click on storie , 2 click on create new
1 click on yours status, 2 in text write additional info, 3 choose the status you want

Administrator and Champion

Administrator : Alia Boxer ; Hardhitting Heather ; Kim Little Devil Sue ; StefyBoxe ; Patricia.
Bouncer : House of Champions, Boxingkat , River Cage, Pauline, Roxybalboa1

nacked champion : Andi B
FBF Lightweight MMA Champion : MichelleWrestler

Lightweight Boxing Champ FFB : Rebecca Cruz

Middleweight FFB : champion and vice-champion Tresa vs Dafoxyone ;

Heavyweight FFB : champion Kara Grabska and vice-champion River Cage

american champion FFB : champion Jenny Prize, vice champion Sugahjab

Over : Pauline : ariste, discover his drawings, they are beautiful

﹤b﹥ titles and champions, all girl federation ﹤/b﹥

( abréviation fédération : FCLC : Cyber Lesbian Catfights, WBBC : bareknckcle, FFB boxing, FFW : wrestling, FDF : Dice Fight, TM : The Mansion, WMTF : Muay Thai , DFL : Deathfight . WEFC :Women Extreme Fighting Club , WPW : Federations World Pro Wrestling ; Italian Female Fighting League : IFFL, Lega Boxe Femminile : LBF, Erotic Surrender Wrestling: ESW )
BOXING Lightweight boxing, Lightweight - Less than 126 lbs (57 kg) : FFW : Wrestlagirl, prévious Patricia, vice-champion Athena8 previous Stefyboxe ; FFB : Rebecca Cruz, vice-champion StefyBoxe ; WBBC : Kim Little Devile Sue, previous champion Patricia
Middleweight, Average Weight - 126 lbs (57 kg) to 160 lbs (73 kg) : FFW : champion and vice-champion Victory vs Pauline ; FFB : champion and vice-champion Tresa vs Dafoxyone ; WBBC: Hardhitting Heather, vice-champion Roxiebalboa1
Heavyweight - Over 160 lbs (73 kg) , FFW : champion and vice-champion Francesca vs Fistfightboxer ; FFB : champion Kara Grabska and vice-champion River Cage ; WBBC :Giorgia Rossi, previous champion Lacie Callahan, Vicious Victoria;
Naked boxing: Andi B
LBF : champion Tania, vice champion Stefyboxe
Olympic tournament :Hardhitting Heather and Warrior Queen for gold medal and silver medal ; Hardhitting Heather and Olivia Hepworth and Andi B : bronze medal
Inter Federation Tournaments: champion: Jenny Prize, vice champion: Karina Fighter
Muay Thai tournament :
Flyweigh not exceeding 112 lbs. (50.805 kg.) champion
Bantamweight exceeding 112 lbs but not exceeding 118 lbs. (53.526 kg.) champion Julia Sykora, vice champion: Patricia
Featherweight exceeding 118 lbs but not exceeding 126 lbs. (57.155 kg.)champion Mazikeen; previous champion Patricia, vice champion: Stefyboxe
Lightweight over 126 lbs but not over 135 lbs. (61.238 kg.)
Welterweight exceeding 135 lbs but not exceeding 147 lbs. (66.681 kg.)
Average weight over 147 lbs but not over 160 lbs. (72.578 kg.)
Heavyweight exceeding 160 lbs and over.

Kick Boxing : FFW :Champion : Isabella Brown and vice Champion Karina Fighter
Pro WRESTLING: FFW : Princess Avni ; FCLC : Cristinafighter2 , WPW : Princess Avni ;TM mixte champion :Lukas fight ; TM female champion: Bella the panzer ; TM couple champion: Lukas and Katy
Milf belt: ThunderGal, prévious : Patricia, Mary MILF
MMA: FFW: Kim Little Devil Sue ; FFB Lightweight Michele Wrestler ; vice-champion Катя Борец (Katya Borets, previous Stefyboxe
Catfight ( referent Lauren cupcakes) FFW : Luna Cat , FCLC : Lubasha
WEFC : heavyweight champion: Pasha and vice champion Busty Beckie Keegan Deathmatch : (referent Alisakit) DFL tournois 1: Pasha 1 win against Busty Beckie Keegan ;
(ongoing tournaments 2)
ESW Fastest Dominant Victory : charlie 3

Open belts

Champions Which they will fight every Friday
FBF Nude Boxing: AndI B

FBF Lightweight Champ: Rebecca Cruz win by KO over StefyBoxe

FBF Heavyweight Title Belt: Lunaa vs Milk Maiden Milena

Knockout rules: N/A

FBF which no weight class : N/A

Friday Fight night: N/A

About Female Boxing Federation

This is an open federation for women's only. All the associates must be active and ready to be challenged or challenge the other members. We hope to this will be a new place for all the women around the world to meet in the ring and lace up the gloves.
Plz no sex after match unless agree from both and to me
I know we going through changes and This all my fault for coming back

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21:14 Knockoutgurl: Hello
22:24 Victory: Hi everyone
08:40 River_Cage: hi :)
17:38 Queen_Sarah: Hi!
18:01 Hardhitting_Heather: Hey
03:08 Andi_B: Good evening everyone
11:59 patricia: for the belt of the American continent the champion is Jenny Prize, vice champion Sugahjab
14:38 Hardhitting_Heather: Hey all
21:30 Victory: Hi everyone
21:38 Victory: Just a hello back would be nice but seems like world getting tougher even outside a ring
21:39 Rebecca_Bright: Hi
21:39 Victory: Hi Rebecca
21:41 River_Cage: hi :)
21:41 Victory: Hey
07:39 River_Cage: hi :)
13:58 Hardhitting_Heather: Hey all
14:17 River_Cage: hi :)
15:19 patricia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KktEX8ouUWs
17:34 MiraBxr: Hey
17:34 Andi_B: Good morning Mira


patricia 2021-06-03 12:21

i want to face match winner Andi B vs Puniahingjasmin for FBF title naked,

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