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Fighter Heel Trainer Trainee Puncher Squeezer

Bodybuilder underground fighter

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Fighter Heel Trainee Puncher

Private bodyguard and baywatch... regular work in the day.. underground fighter in the night

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Fighter Jobber Heel Trainer Trainee Hero

Fitness professional model during the day, underground fighter during free time

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Fighter Trainee Puncher Villain

I like to fight against men and women much stronger than me

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Fighter Jobber Trainee

Just started in the business, have no experience but willing to fight for some. Will do anything to get a grip on the subject.

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Jobber Trainee

innocent boy looking for a dad to fight for him

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Fighter Heel Trainer Trainee Puncher Punchee Squeezer

🇺🇸 fighter here too whoop ass 🇺🇸

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Fighter Trainee

Strong boy fighting to be his dads pride

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Jobber Trainee Punchee Squeezetoy

Small town girl, college freshman, grew up rich as daddy’s princess. Now here looking for friends.

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Jobber Trainee Hero Squeezetoy

A brave young man who fights for justice... But must face many troubles because of his weak body.

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Fighter Trainer Trainee Hero Villain

teen wrestler champ to kcik some ass

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200 Characters