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Fighter Jobber Squeezer Squeezetoy

Finally in the big leauges, ready to humiliate (Or get humiliated!)

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Fighter Jobber Punchee Squeezetoy

Latina Jobber Wonder woman who loves limp play, ots carries, pro wrestling, knockouts & hypno

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Fighter Heel Squeezer Squeezetoy

Masculine strong cowboy into challenging other men to tests of strenght, bearhug contests, grapevine fights, cockfights

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Jobber Squeezetoy

Strong, muscular, and athletic, Terry is a dynamo in a compact package.

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Jobber Punchee Hero Squeezetoy

Young rookie just starting out in pro wresting after being a successful high school wrestler.

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Jobber Trainee Hero Squeezetoy

A great squeeze toy for bearhugs and bodyscissors (also bendy for camel clutches!) who is not looking for erotic matches.

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Jobber Squeezetoy

A cocky averaged size guy lacking skill and common sense, whose mouth gets him into situations where he's totally outmatched.

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Jobber Hero Squeezetoy

Son of Athena, I am full of wisdom, knowledge, power, love and, strength

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Young, strong but kind of a rookie.

Last login: 14 days ago; Last updated: 2021-05-02

Jobber Heel Squeezer Squeezetoy

I have the experience, I got the determination...Im not gonna lose easily.

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i am a incubus

Last login: 2021-04-28; Last updated: 2021-04-28

351 Characters