• Broken bones

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Fighter Trainer Hero

A veteran wrestler who decided to go on new grounds out of her brand

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Fighter Heel

This is arguably one of the most aggressive opponents you will ever face hands down.

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Only for dark matches to death

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Amber gave up her career as a Laker girl to set out on the extreme mixed wrestling circuit.

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Jobber Heel

i am a big muscled boy who loves to demolish and be demolished in the ring

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Fighter Hero Villain

Queen of the Mugen Tenshin, Clan Leader and the current master of the clan's Hajinmon sect. Winner of the third Dead or Alive Tournament.

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Jobber Heel Villain Squeezer

Evil Muscle Monster Marine

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Heel Villain Squeezer

Does it hurt you as much as it hurts me?

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Heel Villain Squeezer

I'm a shape shifting Lamia Goddess with an anaconda grip

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Fighter Villain Squeezer

ANCIENT demonic bear, he will crush you

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Fighter Heel Squeezer

Bodybuilder turned wrestler out to destroy the competition. (fantasy character)

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218 Characters