• Muscle Testing

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Fighter Hero

Arrogant Ultra Strong Bodybuilder looking for great challenges while believing he could ever lose.

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Fighter Heel Squeezer Squeezetoy

Masculine strong cowboy into challenging other men to tests of strenght, bearhug contests, grapevine fights, cockfights

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Bodybuilder into big muscles, boxing, gutpunching, standup fights. not into wrestling

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Jobber Trainer Squeezer Squeezetoy

A woman bodybuilder looking for ordinary scenes of danger and peril with any kinds of opponents.

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Hero Villain

Armpinning is the ultimate contest of strength. Its similar to traditional armwrestling, but relies on brute strength rather than technique.

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Fighter Heel Trainer Hero

The Enforcer..... Will defend the good..... and Furiously obstruct those who would hurt them

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Heel Squeezer

Muscle bear ready to prove he is the strongest

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Fighter Heel Villain Squeezer

Unbeatable and Unbelievable! A alpha male who is Top Dog in any pro ring I step into!

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200 lb mature muscle man enjoy putting my 17 inch biceps to the test of armwrestle

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281 Characters