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Fighter Jobber Heel

italian guy ready for brutal fight in ring, cage , fight club , no rules fight, fists fight, death fight or Winner fuck the loser

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Fighter Jobber Heel

Max is a tough all out fighter who started with boxing but is more than capable of taking his skills anywhere the fight takes him

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Fighter Heel Squeezer Squeezetoy

Masculine strong cowboy into challenging other men to tests of strenght, bearhug contests, grapevine fights, cockfights

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Jobber Punchee Hero Squeezetoy

Young rookie just starting out in pro wresting after being a successful high school wrestler.

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Fighter Jobber Hero

I´m a Japan / Brazilian Fighter

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Heel Villain

Lustful creature from an unknown dimension.

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Jobber Hero Squeezetoy

Demigod and Son of Poseidon! I am the god of Time and Water! Bestfriend of Dark Phoenix! Son of Hades, the god of the underworld! Phoenix is the Demigod of Space and Fire!

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582 Characters