• Pool wrestling

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Fighter Jobber Punchee Squeezetoy

Latina Jobber Wonder woman who loves limp play, ots carries, pro wrestling, knockouts & hypno

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Fighter Heel Squeezer Squeezetoy

Masculine strong cowboy into challenging other men to tests of strenght, bearhug contests, grapevine fights, cockfights

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Jobber Trainee Hero Squeezetoy

A great squeeze toy for bearhugs and bodyscissors (also bendy for camel clutches!) who is not looking for erotic matches.

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Jobber Hero Squeezetoy

Demigod and Son of Poseidon! I am the god of Time and Water! Bestfriend of Dark Phoenix! Son of Hades, the god of the underworld! Phoenix is the Demigod of Space and Fire!

Last login: yesterday; Last updated: 2021-04-26

Fighter Puncher Squeezer

Fighting can be fun until you realize its too late to get out of it hehe

Last login: 2021-04-22; Last updated: 2021-04-09

Fighter Heel Puncher

A woman who knows exactly what she wants: Boys to grovel at her feet

Last login: 6 days ago; Last updated: 2021-04-08

Jobber Punchee Hero

A young man who as nothing but a desire to build the confidence of women.

Last login: 2 days ago; Last updated: 2021-04-07

Fighter Squeezer

I'm just a normal girl. I love naked death fight, suffocation, drowning

Last login: 3 days ago; Last updated: 2021-03-31

234 Characters