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Fighter Heel

This is arguably one of the most aggressive opponents you will ever face hands down.

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Fighter Puncher Punchee Hero

I love to fistfight over a girl specially my girl.

Last login: yesterday; Last updated: 2021-04-19

Fighter Heel

Back to break

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Jobber Punchee Hero

A young man who as nothing but a desire to build the confidence of women.

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Broken and Owned Makani Resurges with Training

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Fighter Jobber Heel

Best Friend of Marie Claire but way better in the ring and also better looking

Last login: 11 days ago; Last updated: 2021-03-21

Jobber Trainee

The dirtier the heel the better. Any age, species, or gender

Last login: 2021-04-16; Last updated: 2021-03-19

Fighter Jobber Trainer Trainee

atletico con mucha energia y algo de entusiasmo

Last login: 2021-03-11; Last updated: 2021-03-11

314 Characters