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Fighter Heel Trainee Puncher

Favorite Niece of Legendary CF fighter Melina Sarabanda. She maybe younger, but she is just as strong and sexy, and yet even more flirtatious and fiery and just as deadly

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Here to punch you out with my more powerful and more skilled fists. M/F

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Fighter Jobber Trainer Punchee

Current UFC Champ Looking For A Fight Or Just A Good Conversation

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Jobber Heel Puncher Squeezetoy

Teenage boy with an amazing strenght and resistance due to his demon blood. His necklace stops him from losing control.

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Fighter Trainer Squeezer

Strong college wrestler/gymnast looking to wrestle and crush with my pythons

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Fighter Heel Puncher

Deceptively athletic, shockingly dominant. Ready to beat you into the ground and then milk you dry.

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Let’s slug it out

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271 Characters