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Сексуальная королева, эротическая чемпионка в открытом весе

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Fighter Heel Hero Villain

Wrestler/boxer/brawler... looking to challenge other alphas and see who ends up on top

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Fighter Puncher

Always ready for the challenge, always ready to kick any bitch ass.

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Fighter Trainee

fun, funny and will kick your ass

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Hero Villain

Armpinning is the ultimate contest of strength. Its similar to traditional armwrestling, but relies on brute strength rather than technique.

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Broken and Owned Makani Resurges with Training

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Fighter Puncher Hero Squeezer

I enjoy competition of the physical and erotic varieties: sex fights, submission wrestling, cat fights, MMA-style bouts, tit fights, you name it.

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Jobber Heel Squeezetoy

An average guy who loves to wrestle, mostly a jobber but gets an occasional heel streak.

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We want fists, and we want roses too.

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120 Characters