Young Buck

19-year-old Human male

Fighter Jobber Heel


  • Arms15
  • Chest15
  • Abs12
  • Legs15
  • Ass10
  • Cock12


  • Height6'0"
  • Biceps19"
  • Chest42"
  • Waist32"
  • Thigh21"
  • Cock8"

High flying pro wrestler in Thunders Stud Farm and International Pro Wrestling and looking for action!

Weight: 190 lbs
Body type: Toned
Gear: Tight wrestling trunks, squarecuts or speedo


Trained in a pro wrestling academy since I was 16 years old I finally get the break I have been looking for as a small indy fed signed me up. Things have not gone as well as I had hoped so I decided to leave. I am now assigned to 2 CF feds “Thunders Stud Farm” and “International Pro Wrestling” where I will still fight as Young Buck. BUT I am also willing to take on non fed studs and I have no age or weight limits. I am bisexual but am really enjoy the erotic side of wrestling more and more should stakes be agreed.

Current win-loss record: 7-19
Indy: 5-13
International Pro Wrestling Fed: 2-3
Thunders Stud Farm Fed: 0-3

Last login: today
Start of membership: 2021-01-28

This character's local time is 23:27
Time zone: [UTC-4]



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