Vladimir the Enforcer

20-year-old Human male

Fighter Heel Trainer Hero


  • Arms12
  • Chest13
  • Abs13
  • Legs14
  • Ass13
  • Cock9


  • Height6'0"
  • Biceps16"
  • Chest43"
  • Waist31"
  • Thigh22"
  • Cock9"

The Enforcer..... Will defend the good..... and Furiously obstruct those who would hurt them


I come from a Family of Warriors. MY Father was a Famous RUler in his time. Alas upon his death I assumed the throne. Married and Have a son. I am 20 yo when I turned. My country was going to be over ridden and i made a pact with the Serpent. As I was able to Squash the intruders into our land my wife was tragically killed. My Son orginally captured I turned who was left in our castle and we attacked the intruders to get my son back. The Holy Man took my son after we freed him as i gave up my life for him as the sun rose. My Son Ivan Took my bones to the cliff where I was given blood and revived... I walk the earth to this day... Now in the US... MY age 175 years old my body 20 yo and mioghty.IN my Relm I defend those who some will harm..... I have a army of Followers who believe in me and I am the Best of the best..... I enjoy testing my Bod to their limits and bringing out the best in them as i was trained to be from when i was little in ROmania.... I am the prince of the night... my name DRACULA -- Vlad the Enforcer

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