27-year-old Human female

Jobber Trainee


  • Arms2
  • Chest2
  • Abs2
  • Legs0
  • Ass2


  • Height5'5"
  • Biceps10"
  • Chest31"
  • Waist30"
  • Thigh17"

Prostyle Jobber who specializes in defeats via submission. RP Character

Weight: 117 lbs
Body type: Normal
Gear: One-piece swimsuit, knee pads and calf high wrestling boots


Sanna is a promission jobber, meaning she is focused on submission heavy prostyle wrestling and specializes in losing via submission.

Sanna is part of a fictional japanese wrestling company that produce prostyle videos for sale much like Battle Japan and Super Sonic Satellites. This company recently released a new concept of videos where western jobbers are domianted by japanese heels in submisison heavy matches and where Sanna is one of the western jobbers, a concept that has turned out to be a huge success!

When not making wrestling videos Sanna is "rented out" by the production company to a local wrestling school in Japan where she works as a practice jobber for all the wrestling students to practice submission holds on as well as being used by the teachers for demonstrations of holds.

She is the tag-team partner of fellow jobber Avery who also work for the same company

Holds that are most commonly used to submit Sanna: Figure Four Leglock, Boston Crab, Texas Cloverleaf, Heel Hook

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