Kurrt2005-The Crusher

34-year-old Human male

Squeezer Squeezetoy


  • Arms16
  • Chest16
  • Abs16
  • Legs17
  • Ass15
  • Cock15


  • Height6'0"
  • Biceps18"
  • Chest46"
  • Waist32"
  • Thigh26"
  • Cock8"

I am a well muscled submission wrestler, who loves trading brutal constricting holds with my opponent

Weight: 200 lbs
Body type: Muscular
Gear: Speedos, bikini, jockies, poser or briefs


He is a very strong, very well muscled young submission wrestler, who delights in causing pain & agony in his deadly holds.
He also loves a huge challenge from other wrestlers who use constricting holds to subdue their opponents
Can lead to long sessions where masculinity, strength, and manhood are tested.
Pain & agony can be prolonged for hours if opponent can handle it.
All said let's jut have FUN guys.

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Start of membership: 2019-10-21

This character's local time is 07:06
Time zone: [UTC-4]



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