Azn Puncher

27-year-old Human male

Fighter Heel Puncher


  • Arms16
  • Chest17
  • Abs17
  • Legs13
  • Ass9
  • Cock15


  • Height5'11"
  • Biceps18"
  • Chest49"
  • Waist37"
  • Thigh26"
  • Cock8"

A lean, mean, AZ punching machine. Ready to break abs n bust heads up at any time.


A ripped AZ punching machine willing to go to Toe to Toe with just about any male or female in boxing, fistfight, gp and other punching-based matches. Known to engage in trashtalking and erotic, sleazy and loves to smother people in his sweaty pits to fuck their mind up...
NOT into pro/submisison/brit or any other wrestling. dont even try.
Shoe size 11.5 US / 45 Euro

Last login: today
Start of membership: 2020-06-14



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