• Arms13
  • Chest9
  • Abs9
  • Legs11
  • Ass11
  • Cock13


  • Height5'11"
  • Biceps17"
  • Chest41"
  • Waist34"
  • Thigh21"
  • Cock7"

Young pro wrestler


(Fictional Character)
Protege to Bryan Phoenix. He didn't have easy growing up in Baltimore losing both parents before the Age 10. He grew up in a foster home loving wrestling. One he graduated from high school he got a job and join a wrestling school.

Phoenix one day saw his talents and decided to train him at his own school. Aries went home to train until he was 22. Aries venue out of his own to gain fame and fortune. Don't let the size fool you he tough as nails. His mentor isn't far from him. Mostly singles matches but will team up with his mentor to do tag team matches

Wins:100 Loses:22

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Time zone: [UTC-4]



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