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Jobber Heel

Like a good give and take fight with an obvious winner at the end. Happy to do roleplay either superheroes or other scenariosr

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Jobber Heel

love pro sub arm wrestlke at times

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Jobber Heel

Fit jock muscle stud loves wresting all styles, types, outcomes in situations at gym, bar, pro ring as either heel or jobber or little of both.

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Jobber Heel

No One knows who he is, he seems to be everywhere at the same time.

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Heel Puncher

Gamma Fighter, helped to recover beast, now demioutsider

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Original member of the Crazy Phoenix Trio, he chose a dark path...

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Heel Trainer Puncher

Runs his own Gym, including a underground fighting organisation.

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The tech always checks the site on his phone.

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The Ref oversees matches with great vigilance.

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Fighter Trainee Punchee

Beast is your friendly neighborhood Demioutsider

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Admin is root

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2833 Characters