The Arena

The Arena is the place to find someone for a specific Scenario.

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Scenarios are Specific

Pick a story or scene, a role for yourself and one keyword to get things going.

To get the most out of your Scenario, you should have a good setup that really gets the ball rolling. Don't forget details like place, style of fight or rules.

Who are You Looking For?

You have picked a character. Now it is time to let others know what he or she wants to do.

Are you looking for a rival? A powerful hero? A nefarious villain? The more you tell about what sort the other character should be, the better the response that you can expect.

Be Available

Post your Scenario at a time when you are available to chat or exchange messages.

Others might be looking at your Scenario and find it cool and compelling, but it's all for nothing if they cannot reach you before your Scenario expires!


By Petermännchen77

  • Fantasy

Ich bin 25 ein freundlicher Playfighter und mack erotisches Spielerisches Ringen unter Freunden, …


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Expires in 35:10 hours

Exploring teen jock buds/bros (Long-term RP)

By Qwin Wright

  • Long-term roleplay

I'm looking to build characters and a full story with a guy from the ground up.


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Expires in 27:20 hours


By StretchNSquash

  • Male / Female

Hello there everyone! Nee on the block and looking for a lady brave enough to hop onto the mats and tussle with.


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Expires in 23:04 hours

Rookies First Squash

By Pamibaby

  • Male / Female

Pamibaby is making her debut into the mixed wrestling scene, super excited to show what she's capable of!


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Expires in 10:42 hours